January 2017

Winemaker Jeff Herinckx

What’s happening at the winery
It’s been cold and wintry here. After I took some time off in December, we ended up closing the winery for a few days earlier this month due to snow and ice. This weather has provided tremendous natural assistance to our winemaking process, allowing us to cold-stabilize our wine by simply putting the barrels outside. Even when the temperatures were in the single digits, we still put the barrels out – the wine won’t freeze. The cold weather makes cold-stabilization a snap. Some Niagara, Riesling, Rosé and White Pinot were all cold-stabilized this way.

A bit about Niagara
We typically get our Niagara from Oregon, but will occasionally get it from Washington State if needed. We bottle Niagara year-round, multiple times each month, in order to keep up with the demand for it. We don’t have the space or equipment to bottle all that we’d need in a year all at once. If you haven’t tried it, I encourage you to visit our tasting room and taste it for yourself.

What’s going on in January
We need to complete the bottling of our 2016 Chardonnay. We bottled some of it in November, but we required more glass before we could finish bottling the rest of it. As usual, we’ll bottle some Niagara and also some Riesling and Frambrosia (a raspberry wine). We took some raspberries out of the freezer recently and pressed them. Once they’re done fermenting, the wine will be ready for filtering and bottling. The weather seems to be warming a bit. As the ice and snow melts, we hope you’ll find your way to our tasting room to enjoy some wine and conversation on a long winter day.

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