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American Niagara

This wine is made from the Niagara grape, which is a native American (Labrusca) grape variety grown in the cooler climates of the United States. The temperate growing season of the Pacific Northwest produces Niagara grapes with an intense grapy aroma and distinctive flavor.

T.A.: 6.9g/L
RS: 2.8%

Native American grape varieties have strikingly different physical (and flavor) characteristics than their European (Vinifera) counterparts. A Niagara grape cluster is large with loose, individual berries. The grape skin is thicker and the inside of the grape is fleshy. While the majority of Niagara grapes are grown for grape juice purposes, Oak Knoll has been making wine from this grape since the early 1970's and it has developed a large "cult" following, which continues to grow.

The American Niagara was made from grapes grown in vineyards in Oregon's Willamette Valley and, for the first year ever, some purchased from Washington State. This was a unique year in Oregon, as the year started off with an intense ice storm which damaged some of the bud set of clusters in the spring. Summer was long and very hot and the sporadic small clusters of grapes from the winter freeze thrived in the heat. The result was small clusters with intensely flavored fruit. The previous vintage was burned by extreme summer heat and lost the nose of the bouquet, this year IT'S BACK. Niagara is a true Oregonian as is prefers the cooler climate, which in turn produces the particular aroma and distinct flavor known as Niagara.

Suggested Retail: $8.00/bottle!

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