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Oregon's Willamette Valley grows some of the world's finest red raspberries. While the Oregon wine industry is largely known for its high quality Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, it is by no means limited to those esteemed varietal wines.

Besides its reputation for fine dry table wines, Oak Knoll Winery has established itself as one of the premier producers of pure, superior quality raspberry wine in the United States, if not the world. With a reliable source of excellent Oregon red raspberries, and thirty years of winemaking experience, this wine has consistently ranked as one of the highest rated and most sought-after "dessert style" wines in North America.

Frambrosia Label

The key element to the success of this unique wine is its precise sugar/acid balance. Many fruit or berry wines are simply too sweet. The excessive sweetness is cloying and masks the wine's true fruit flavors. When there is just enough sweetness to balance the naturally high acidity found in raspberries, you achieve that wonderful smell and taste of fresh picked raspberries, as if you picked them right off the vine and popped them into your mouth.

Frambrosia Oregon Raspberry wine takes the category of "berry wine" to a new height. Fine wine shops and restaurants seek out this wine for its pure, concentrated depth of flavor, and its ability to match exquisitely with a wide range of desserts. As an alternative to late harvest wine, port, or sherry -- Frambrosia is a delight to anyone who enjoys the true essence of this marvelous fruit.

T.A.: 12.5g/L
RS: 9%

Nearly one pound of fruit is used for each half bottle. Whole red raspberries are frozen then thawed (this breaks down the berry's cell structure and helps release the juice) then pumped into a membrane press. After gentle pressing, the juice is cool fermented at 60 degrees F. to dryness.

Unlike grapes which have sugars and acids in the right proportions for winemaking when harvested, raspberries are much higher in acid (almost double) and much lower in sugar (about half). For the finished wine to be balanced, water must be added during fermentation to cut the high natural acidity. Sugar must also be added to augment the lower natural sugars and, in turn, yield a wine with the desired alcohol of 13 % by volume. At this alcohol level, the fruit flavors are accentuated and there is no perception of alcohol "warmth". Sugar is then added a second time, just prior to bottling, in order to achieve the precise sugar/acid balance.

Suggested Retail: $12.00/bottle!

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