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What’s happening at the winery
Harvest came and went in a flash this year; one week earlier than last year! We got our first grapes in on September 8 and received the last on September 28. As expected, it was the Maréchal Foch and Niagara that came in first. In fact, we got about half of our entire Niagara crop on the 8th and 9th, which made for a very busy two days! The weather was beautiful throughout the three weeks, which makes the work more enjoyable and a little bit easier on everyone.

The quality of fruit seems to be similar to last year, which is great because last year’s quality was well above average. There was also plenty of quantity – many growers had an abundance of grapes. We took in what we had contracts for (which was 200 tons), but we had the opportunity to bring in quite a bit more, if we’d been interested. It’s too soon to tell if any of this fruit has the potential to become a reserve wine; we’ll start thinking about that in the ...more...


Wine of the Month

Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris
Willamette Valley

Delicate bouquet of grapefruit and plumeria open the nose. Added notes of honey and vanilla envelop the senses with a exotic passion fruit aroma at the close of the nose. Vibrant mouthfeel offers ample juicy tropical fruit flavors; mango, pineapple and ruby red grapefruit upfront. There is added peach on the mid-palate, with a starfruit and fresh pomegranate in the lingering finish.

$7.00 per bottle
$84.00 per case
$10.00 per bottle
$120.00 per case

Heritage Wine Club:
$6.30 per bottle
$75.60 per case

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