Winemaker Journal

What’s happening at the winery
We have had lots of rain here in the past few weeks. Temperatures have been around average, but we’ve had so much rain there has been flooding. Fortunately, the vines are dormant this time of year, so there will be no ill effect in the vineyards. Since most of the vineyards in this part of Oregon are up in the hills, they don’t tend to flood, even when the rainfall is extreme.

We’ve been staying busy indoors, taking care of the wine from the 2016 vintage.

Pinot Report
The 2016 Pinot Noir is in barrels, aging in oak. There truly isn’t much to do with it this time of year. Our Pinot from 2016 came from four vineyards:  Triple H Vineyard, Sheppard Vineyards, Dion Vineyard and Tuenge Vineyards. We keep the wine from the four vineyards separate, and we also keep the clones separate, because each has different qualities related to fruit flavors, tannins, etc. This way, we can wait until it’s time for bottling to decide if we’ll do a vineyard-designate ...more...


2015 Rose’ of Pinot Noir
Retail: $16.00 | $163.20 per case
WOM Price: $11.20 | $134.40 per case
Club Price: $10.64 | $127.68 per case

2015 Twilight Blush
Retail: $14.00 | $142.80 per case
WOM Price: $ 9.80 | $117.60 per case
Club Price: $ 9.31 | $111.72 per case