Winemaker Journal

What's happening at the winery
It feels like winter here at the winery. We've had some snow and the outside temperatures have been perfect for cold-stabilization. Since we don't have enough room in the winery for all of the tanks that need to be cold-stabilized, it's great when we can move the tanks outside and let Mother Nature work her magic for us. Last month, we cold-stabilized a lot of Niagara. We bottle about 10,000 cases of Niagara each year, so if it sounds like we're constantly working at bottling Niagara, it's because we truly are!

Pinot Report
The Pinot Gris is fermenting in stainless steel barrels; there are lots of barrels! We'll let it wait for a couple more months before we rack it off the lees. For now, we wait.
We've been busy topping off the barrels and really just keeping an eye on the Pinot Noir while we let it get more oak.

The 2015 White Pinot Noir is also fermenting in stainless steel barrels (even though it's made with red grapes, we treat it ...more...

Wine of the Month

Semi-Sweet Rosé


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this Semi-Sweet Rosé. It’s is a blend of our Riesling and Marechal Foch grapes. This is a must have for your Sweetheart!

$9.80 per bottle
$117.60 per case
$14.00 per bottle
$142.80 per case
Heritage Wine Club:
$9.31 per bottle
$111.72 per case

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