Winemaker Journal


What’s happening at the winery?
The weather has remained hot and the grapes are well ahead of a “normal” year. We had many July and August days in the 90s and even a few 100 degree days in a row. I visited some of our vineyards and I noticed lots of fruit on the vines. Because of the heat, the vines can handle a large crop – it will still get ripe before it’s harvested. This is going to lead to many grapes for sale this year and a huge 2015 vintage.

We bottled our 2014 Chardonnay, which is unoaked, more Niagara, and our 2010 Syrah recently. We also made a very small batch of oaked Chardonnay (just two barrels) which we’ll bottle soon for our wine club members.

Pinot Report
When I went to visit vineyards recently, I went to look at Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. The brix in the Pinot Noir is currently at a 15 or 16. We want to harvest it at 24.
We expect that the Pinot Gris grapes from Dion  ...more...

Wine of the Month


American Niagara

This summer has been pretty crazy. We have had a really nice week or so of nice weather, but this next week is filled with those 90+ degree days. Why not stop in the winery and pick up a case or two of our American Niagara. The American Niagara is our Wine of the Month for August. A great crisp and semi sweet white wine to get through those hot summer days. A new lower price of just $7 a bottle makes this WOM price seem as crazy as the weather

$5.25 per bottle
$63.00 per case
$7.00 per bottle
$84.00 per case

Heritage Wine Club:
$4.99 per bottle
$59.88 per case

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