Winemaker Journal

What’s happening at the winery
The weather has remained mild – mostly in the 70s and 80s, but hot temperatures are expected to arrive mid-August. The mild temperatures can benefit the grapes, giving them more hang time on the vines in order to ripen more slowly. The slower ripening process means that the grapes have more time to develop fruit flavors. We are shaping up to harvest a couple of weeks later than last year, but still a couple of weeks earlier than average. During an average year, we harvest last September. Last year, we harvested beginning in early September. This year, I predict we’ll harvest in mid-September.

The Toasted Cow white has been wildly popular already. We sold out of our recent bottling, so we bottled more and then we sold out again. We are working on bottling more in order to meet our customers’ demand. We also recently bottled Riesling, Niagara and our Marion Berree raspberry wine.

Pinot Report
We have eight barrels of the 2015 Pinot Noir that we plan to make into a wine ...more...

Wine of the Month



When In Doubt…Pinky Out

Break the rules
Question snobby authority to defeat the elites
It’s time to be the deviant
Drink what you like
Anti-snob drinkers unite

Stop the snob and gain your dignity

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$117.60 per case
$14.00 per bottle
$142.80 per case
Heritage Wine Club
$9.31 per bottle
$111.72 per case

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