Winemaker Journal

What’s happening at the winery
Temperatures here have been hot during the day (with quite a few in the 90s), but cool at night (mostly high 40s or low 50s). Thanks to the cooler overnight temperatures, the growing season is slightly ahead of schedule, but not by much, as compared to previous years. Typically, when the leaves on the vines begin to change color, we know the grapes are about 80% ready. I predict that harvest will begin here in late September.

To prepare for harvest, and make room for new juice in our tanks, we’ve been very busy with bottling. We bottled some Müller-Thurgau, some Riesling, and some White Pinot Noir. We also bottled Niagara, which is an on-going task for us. Since Niagara is our best-selling wine, we bottle it on an as-needed basis throughout the year. We simply don’t have the storage space available for all the cases we’d need to have on hand. We keep it in tanks and bottle some nearly every month of the year in order to keep up with the demand.




Deviant – Sweet Red


$14.00 | $142.80 per case

WOM Price: $9.80 | $117.60 per case
Club Price: $9.31 | $111.72 per case